Access Control

CCTV Systems & Monitoring

Alarm Systems

Access Control & Door entry Systems

Access control is a vital element to authorise who has access to your building.

Either by coded keypad, access fobs, fingerprint Biometrics, even iris recognition you can easily grant or deny entry or exit to certain individuals. 

Numberplate recognition and barrier control systems can manage access before anyone even reaches the door!



A CCTV system that you can rely on.

CCTV is a useful investment in protecting your assets, not only does it act as a deterrent but well positioned cameras can be vital evidence should deterrence turn into detection.

Now with the integration of IP technology all of our systems are easily viewable from anywhere in the world on our mobile phone app.

If you prefer that added bit of security, we can monitor your business when you're not there. Using the industry leading Immix platform, our monitoring station provide a swift response to any alarm signals generated on site, ensuring a prompt resolution to any unauthorised access and liaising with police if necessary as an approved keyholder.

Our other security services

to support our core products we offer the following services to give that added security when needed.

  • Intruder Alarm installation & monitoring
  • Perimeter Alarm installation & monitoring
  • Mobile camera column's
  • Drone Surveillance.
  • Guard Patrols with Dog's
  •  Manned Guard
  • Key Holding
  • Boarding Up service